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tv   [untitled]    May 25, 2014 6:00am-6:31am PDT

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and, and have their lunch and play on that -- they sit and come and have their lunch and play on it. just for it to be part of the neighborhood. that is my hope. >> is such a beautiful addition to our public art in san francisco. thank you for joining us. it was nice to meet you. and thank you for telling us about your beautiful mural. thanks for watching "culturewire." >> good morning. this is the regular building of the building inspection commission. i would like to reminds everyone to off all electronic devices. first item on the agenda is
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roll call. mccarthy. >> here. >> lee. >> here. >> mcray. >> present. >> walker. >> here. >> commissioner melgar is expected. we have a quorum. the next item is item 2 bt's announcement. >> welcome to the big meeting, may, 21. i have some announcements and will be as brief as i can. compliments to director huey and robert chung for the briefing they provided last week who visited san francisco for advice on how the city might want to proceed with its own safety retro fit program.
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they also said their visit was hugely valuable on all fronts, general, technical, financial and publicly wide. so well done there. warm thanks to dbi chief building inspector for his excellent customer service, for mr. john barber of mission housing. thank him very much for his assistance. mr. barber also mentioned he hasn't been to dbi since the 90s, that's a long time, and he knows significant and productive changes have been be met in dbi's business and how
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that is good for our business. congratulations to director huey who was interviewed by the cantonese radio talk show program about steps interested owners who want to take to legalize current legal units. this was a live call in radio show and director huey got plenty of questions about situations and provided helpful advice so thank you for taking that on the road. he had also been invited to do a channel 26 chinese tv interview with annie chun, the president of self help for the elderly. we expect this interview to be scheduled in the next few weeks which will remind viewers about the rapidly approaching september 15 deadline to submit [inaudible]. dbi had alsz been invited to be
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part of the june 21 home buyer and investor expo, which will be held from 11:00 to 5:00 pm on the 1300 block [inaudible] respond to questions about plan review, inspections and code enforcements. this concludes my announcements. thank you. >> is there any public comment on the president's announcements? seeing none, item 3, general public comment, the building inspection commission will take public comment not part of this agenda. >> good morning commissioners. my name is theresa, i'm the building manager at a rent controlled building which has
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been unfairly targeted by dbi. while my building was built in 1963, there are many of the oldest residences from preearthquake periods within a three block radius of my building. the historic preservation of telegraph hill affording views of coit toyer are among the strongest concerns that i hold for my neighborhood. i have paid a significant price to attempt to hold dbi to these standards of the general plan and have been thus far on the losing end of the proper monitoring of the complaint process. i have had a difficult four year introduction to members of ces, donal duffy and members of dbi. i have come to discover that
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they do not share the position stated above. in fact, i have been told time and time again, that the building department does not care about building height, ab 009 local equivalencies for fire, rear yard setback requirements, solar memorandums and optimum citing, neighborhood notification and rh 3 or transparency of any kind. dbi does what it wents when it wants and for any reason it chooses. i have have serious water intrusion issues that need a ces investigation. instead it was shut down twice without inspection. water is wicking through my garage from next door because of exterior siding on the neighboring building which is deteriorating and not water tight.
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they have also decided they don't like our building and planning approved and solar installation. a complaint, number 201454761 filed by mr. duffy on february 28, 2014 attests to this situation. required correction by robert power took place on march 15 with the submittal of as built revisions of a few inches. the complaint is still active. thank you very much. is that the end of my time? >> twenty-five seconds. >> roof issues have existed in my neighborhood and mr. hension
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has filed directors hering after director's hearing report at many of mr. duffy's insistence. everything dbi does has been mishandled. nobody cares about height and legally buildable area. thank you. >> can i get the address for that? >> my building is 218 union and i have -- these are all of the complaints and violations from the last four years. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. >> i'd like to acknowledge commissioner melgar's joined us. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment? on to item 4, discussion and possible action to approve and swear in members of the board of examiners and reappoint the existing members, who include
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michael cashion, dick bloomek, patrick buscovich. and reappointments are don carry, [inaudible] randy collins, license structural engineer, specializes in seismic improvements; jameson hyde and we have vacancy for electrical engineer and registered fire protection engineer and the terms of these are set to expire 2016. >> commissioner mar will take it from here. >> first of all, i'd like to move that we accept appointments as was amended by
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the nominations committee, as read by the secretary, including the new seats, as well as reappointment all the incumbents to their existing seat. >> i have a motion for the existing members as well as the recommended new members. any other comments? >> i would just like to comment that first of all i want to thank all the applicants. this is the first time the nominations committee received a lot of new applicants and i want to thank all the applicants on their willingness to serve. i know it's a very difficult process because there's very strict criteria in the professional positions they hold but also residency requirements and i want to thank all the different
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associations who encouraged their members to apply. >> i second everything he said. thank you for your consideration. it's great. do we have any vacancies now? >> the two that the secretary mentioned is -- i think we have a vacant electrical engineer seat and a registered fire protection engineer. >> that's pretty impress sieve. ive. >> sgl most of them are filled. >> do you want to do the swearing in now? >> we have to vote on approval? . >> is there a public comment on this item? and do a roll call vote to accept the appointments. president mccarthy. >> yes. >> mar. >> yes. >> clinch. >> yes. >> lee. >> yes. >> melgar. >> yes. >> mcray. >> yes. >> walker. >> yes.
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>> motion carries unanimously and so we are now to the portion that we do the swearing in so will all candidates come forward, please? >> so before we swear everybody in, you guys want to introduce yourselves and maybe just mention the seat you're serving on. >> randy collins, structural engineer, specializing in seismic improvements. >> mike cashion, high-rise sprinkler ordinance. >> [inaudible] building trades, san francisco.
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>> dick bloomec, mechanical engineer, starting my 33rd year on the board. [applause] >> jermy shaw, tenant and licensed architect. >> i'm jamie curry, structural engineer, serving on the board of abatement [inaudible]. >> jim reid, electrical contractor, i also serve on code advisory committee. >> patrick bus, structural engineer. >> [inaudible] plumbing contractor. >> again, i want to thank you all for serving. here's to oath of office. and just repeat your own name
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after me. >> i, do solemnly swear that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california against all enemies foreign and domestic. that i will bear true faith and allegiance to the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california. i take this obligation freely without any mental conservation or purpose of evasion, and that i will faithfully discharge
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the duties upon which i'm about to enter, and during such time as i hold the office of a member of the board of examiners and seat of the city and county of san francisco. thank you gentlemen and congratulations. [applause] >> thank you.
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>> item number 5, directors report, 5a, update on dbi finances. >> good mom r morning, i'm the acting chief financial officer. for our finances we are getting close to the end of the year, we're about 83 percent through the year, we have done all our transfers to the capital projects. the services of other departments, they bill quarterly so we're a little lower than what we'd expect, but i think they'll spend much closer to 100 percent of our budget in work orders. non personal related expenses are still showing a little low but i think that's a little deceptive. we've ordered chairs and cars and lots of big things we haven't received yet. as we get closer to the end of the year we'll receive a lot of the big items we've already ordered. where we will have savings is
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employee salaries and fringe. we aren't fully staffed up, but we did add a new positions this year and we have vacancies left over. we have about $4 million or so in savings in salaries and fringe, but i think we'll save more than we have in year's past. revenue's really the big story. we're still seeing a lot more revenue come in, charges for services than we have budgeted. our apartment and rental and hotel, we've had the second payment of the year so we're showing about 90 percent. at this point we'll get more money coming in for people who pay things late, but we receive the bulk of the money there. i'm guessing we won't receive everything we've budgeted, but we'll be pretty close. charges for services we're about 23 percent over what we budgeted for the entire year. i'll guess we'll be about 26 or
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27 over by the time we reach the end of the year. interest is higher than we budgeted but also a transfer from the fund balance from all our extra projects. we haven't needed to do that transfer and i don't expect that we will. so we aren't going to bring in revenue from the fund balance to cover our expenses for this year. that's basically it for the finance report. i had mentioned that at this meeting i wanted to talk about our capital project. we're not really ready to do that yet. there's still a lot of moving pieces in terms of other options they're looking at so i'd like to hold off on talking about that until next month. i'm hoping they'll have a lot of answers and next month i'll be prepared to give a more comprehensive report on our study. so this is all very good news, very different than a couple years ago for sure. regarding our staffing and being under, i know that we are
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anticipating a lot more work with the seismic program and the inlaw conversion for the inlaw legalizing program. and i also believe that we still have some retirees that we brought back filling places while we waited for the list to come out. what's the status of those -- of the empty positions that need to be filled and then the permanent fills? >> right. so we do have some retirees, we call them prof fs. we don't have as many as we did earlier. we don't have as many as we used to. we still have a few clerical and engineering. we have -- >> are we planning on hiring permanent -- >> we are planning to hire permanent. the permanent tech series is fully approved. we've posted the two higher level positions in that series
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that's currently in process. so when that finishes we will be hiring more permit techs instead of clerks and that will take care of some of the prof fs and fill the vacancies we have in those classes. we also have been doing a clean up. director huey has directed everyone to go in and clean up desks that have been used for storage so we have more spaces to hire new employees so we have done some of that. it has freed up space to hire probably 20 or more people. we are start that process al as well. it'll take us a few months. we have requested a new budget for the areas you mentioned, the illegal units. the mayor's budget comes out may 22, but i'm guessing we'll get more positions for those new programs as well. part of the space planning option we have is to get a sub elementsal office.
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we're trying to find one within a block or so of our office so we can move some people out of our buildings, but give us more space to fill these vacant positions. we have lots of ideas in the hopper and i'm trying to see which ones can pan out. >> great, okay. thanks a lo. llot. lot. >> are we going to have a permanent director? >> i think you mean by gail's position. >> yeah. >> that would be finance. >> finance, yes. [inaudible]. [laughter] >> did you not get the memo,
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tom? >> okay. we go through the selection process. we get the final interview and then we make the job offer. hopefully we can go through all those fingerprint and background and then [inaudible] and then by, you know, the time before we formally announce, expect by next month [inaudible] because [inaudible] take a while. >> okay. >> thank you. >> i'm 5b, update on proposed legislation. >> good morning commissioners, i was mentioning a few minutes ago the david shoe legislation
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on legalization of an illegal unit under a voluntary program did pass, the mayor signed it, it actually took legal effect on the 17th, just a few days ago. we have drafted through our technical services staff, a screening form. we have a group meeting with the supervisor's office and members of planning and the red board and some other interested and involved participants in this review process so we are finalizing the documentation that will be needed to make this a relatively smooth and seamless process for anybody who does choose to come forward and try to legalize units. i would say we are making progress on that and we have a new piece of legislation we're
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implementing. i did want to mention too that about a week ago the director and the fire marshall signed a new information sheet that provides fairly detailed guidelines on trying to prevent in the future fire [inaudible] took place at mission bay, where a large wood structure caught fire. the foor department investigation ruled that as accidental, but probably tied to some hot work. a subsidiary was fined through the fire codes. i just heard a news report of that yesterday or the day before. so we now have online, very detailed guidelines, and i know our inspection services group is making sure that everybody in the field is working on projects that may sprov this involve this kind of work and making sure others are paying
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particular attention to the fire watch superintendent on that kind of work. i think you know we're just about through both small business appreciation month and building safety month. supervisor tang had a pass and you certainly supporting the legislation to encourage awning replacements and facade improvements. i checked with some of our mis people recently and found we only had one or two projects so far this may so we're still in the same position of just as an incentive hasn't yet brought forth have many small businesses to take advantage of the fee waiver for plan review at both building and planning. even dpw offered a fee waiver for street space.
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it may take a more asserted effort on supervisor's efforts, but i do believe that will become a permanent piece of legislation maybe in the next year. tomorrow supervisor chiu will require permanent exme expediters and i know dbl will be attending that because some of the committee members may have some questions about how we monitor that right now. we do actually have a may 15 form that keeps track of people who are actually representing others on behalf of the project. and i think the final piece i mentioned is that we continue
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to work with supervisor chiu on his other legislation dealing with short term rentals, also known as the brbo legislations. this would essentially introduce some regulatory measures over in these types of shared economy kind of activities. there is a serious question that the planning and building department continues to have over how these matters will be enforced and we can't to work with all parties to try and see how the legislation might be fine tuned to reflect what our realities are. with that, i think that's the bulk of it. >> thank you bill.
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>> 5c, update on tracking system. >> update on permit and project tracking system. we're continuing to work on the data conversion review and the vendor is continuing the fix errors that we pointed out so we're making good progress on that into round two for this conversion. we're also continuing to map the data that's incomplete. the subject matter -- they're helping us retest the [inaudible] we've identified and the vendors are accepting the changes they've made. we will be planning training sessions for the specialized trained. we did the end user training in march, but we have specialized training for minimum of two weeks, where we have small business training for the job they do. that's coming up in august.
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we're still trending towards goal [inaudible] in september. >> so september? >> yes. >> okay, all right. thank you. >> thank you. >> i'm 4d, update on major project -- sorry, 5d. >> [inaudible] compared to last month the major cortex increased by 7.1 percent. that means every month it's going up for last six months before i expect to slow down, but somehow it's [inaudible]. it's good news for us, but also a bit more stuff to work on. i'm working on to, you know, [inaudible] help us to get more [inaudible] and the number one [inaudible] party is the [inaudible] house and inspector
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test and the second one will be the [inaudible] electrical inspector and also in parallel with the [inaudible]. any questions? >> i just want to make sure that all the human resource has all the lists in place because that was a problem last time. do you feel they have everything in place now, the tests, as well as the lists for the [inaudible] position? they're all in place? . >> that's what i mentioned, those three are major priority because they never test that much. [inaudible] is a new series. [inaudible] have a test for long time and also the [inaudible] electrical inspector didn't test for a long time so that's why i put those in the top pit